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From the era of classical and static reporting…

As a responsible manager and eloquent decision maker, you know that the days of short notice decisions are over. New business objectives, new international regulations, new transparency requirements…

More than ever, you have to "create more out of something much less".

But how?
How to find the best strategy?
How to guide and pilot and make better decisions?
How to control the implementation?
How to adjust and improve planning in real-time?

Particularly as you are already occupied with your day-to-day business.
In the end, what are the major factors that limit your business development?

Multiple dimensions,

  • Lack of visibility?

    Detached, fragmented, inconsistent information, whether operational or financial, doesn't provide a reliable and global view of the performance you aspire. In addition, the plans established by individual operational units cannot take into consideration interdisciplinary dependencies.
  • Limited, partial control?

    Information gathered from multiple sources, difficult to access and assess, has to be compiled in order to be analyzed, to find key- information, and to control critical alerts. Heavy work that leaves no space for rapid and continuous appreciation of assets and performance.
  • Detached forecasts?

    No integrated and unified reporting infrastructure, lack of consistency, fragmented information, slow to set up and even slower to use. The data you have is more oriented towards the past than towards the future.
    It is impossible to use it as a basis for critical decision making and to conceive long-term strategies.

No doubt, the key to your future success lies in your information systems…

…leading to dynamic and instantaneous management!

As a real revolution in the field of high-performance and professional management, the new Information Integration Technologies combined with our leading business vision have created the BeauTec Business Pilot.
Our solution today is able to gather all available data within a single, integrated and homogeneous architecture that is intuitively accessible and expoitable, still keeping your best-in-class specialised business applications.

No more gray zones, locked compartments, or forgotten sources… Because there is only one single version of reality, the various aspects of performance can be observed.
On the basis of indisputable information, future-proof strategies with a high potential of efficiency can be developed to optimise your overall assets.

The operational and financial results can be permanently measured, analyzed, and compared with your strategic objectives. Informed in real-time of current developments, you can focus and adjust your options and manage your enterprise securely.

At one glance,

See it…

  • To measure and analyze!

    BeauTec Business Pilot allows gathering, integrating, and harmonizing all the important data from the various departments of your company, still leaving the source of the data at its origin.
    After analysis, this data is aggregated in order to form the one and only truth of your business reality. Based on this unique and shared platform, new creativity will arise within the different professions to serve the success of your activities.

Know it…

  • To control and anticipate!

    The same vision for everyone. Managers and employees benefit from the same consolidated measurements, facts, and indicators that are visualized according to their specific needs. Each person at his own level of responsibility is able to understand and improve the factors that optimize the performance.

Do it…

  • To act and adjust!

    All data and events are immediately taken into consideration as soon as they are created. Planning objectives and resulting execution can easily be analyzed, compared, and superposed in real-time and with simplicity. Instantaneous reactivity, necessary corrections and adjustments are done smoothly.
    New ideas, new scenarios, that will soon be translated into actions and performance.

…Plan and optimize your performance securely using BeauTec Business Pilot.

BeauTec CMDB

A new version of BeauTec CMDB is available since march 2011.

Business Pilot

A new version of BeauTec Business Pilot is available since January 2011.