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In any production environment, access to the best information possible at any point in time is difficult as the information environment is huge. Questions like the following arise:

  • Which target did the planner give us at last?
  • Where are we right now in respect to the target?
  • Do we reach the target if we continue like we do?
  • Do we produce the quality required?
  • Are any limitations ahead like planned shutdowns, etc.?
  • Can I feed current limitations back into the production planning and re-optimize the commercial plan quickly?
  • Did the same problem as right now occur in the past? If so, what have we done?
  • Where do I find best practices for those situations?
  • Can I be automatically informed in case of deviation from the optimum?
  • Does the accounting report the same results as we did or are there big deviations?
  • If so, where do they come from? Bad measurements or incorrect model?
  • How does my production process look like? Where can I find the big picture?
  • How do I understand a certain spreadsheet without corresponding process diagrams?
  • Can we compare planned vs. real-time vs. accounted data at any point in time?
  • And many more…
Using the BeauTec Business Pilot, naturally all the above questions can be answered.
Our Integrated Information System truly integrates different data models and combines them into a central, flexible, multi-dimensional enterprise wide Information System where everyone finds his data one mouse click ahead.

BeauTec CMDB

A new version of BeauTec CMDB is available since march 2011.

Business Pilot

A new version of BeauTec Business Pilot is available since January 2011.