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BeauTec Business Process Library

Every business process is different and changes over time. As data- and information flow is very dynamic, it is often not clear how the business structure is at any point in time, and if it is globally optimal. Sometimes ISO certification projects are used to overcome this problem, creating documentation about all existing processes and execution.
BeauTec provides an ultimately flexible Business Process Library to model, visualize and optimise the business processes, enterprise wide.
Required process classes can be graphically configured and related important information can be attached easily. Using BeauTec’s library concept, any type of graphical presentation for processes can be designed, including functionality and visualization of any additional value. The creation and maintenance of the hierarchical business model is simply done by point-and click. Sophisticated verification functions automatically test the model integrity and highlight inconsistencies.

The BeauTec Business Process Library (BPL) provides the following features:

  • Unlimited object-oriented graphical modelling of business classes, attributes, related information and functionality
  • Unlimited hierarchical and multi-dimensional modelling of business processes on any number of graphical views
  • Graphical Standard Process Library available
  • Unlimited possibility to change and enhance existing or to create company specific libraries
  • Creation of any number of indicators attached to each process including automatic notification
  • Enhancements to the existing business model at run-time not requiring database maintenance
  • Visualization of historized information for each process
  • Automatic creation and verification of mathematical business model (Model validation functions)
  • Visualization of model inconsistencies
  • Creation of any number of individual models, even within and between de-central environments
  • Link to any document (Microsoft-Word, web-site, PDF-file, or Document Management system) possible

BeauTec CMDB

A new version of BeauTec CMDB is available since march 2011.

Business Pilot

A new version of BeauTec Business Pilot is available since January 2011.